York Place Films

We are a videography company based in Scarborough, UK. Our style, whilst heavily influenced by cinematic and documentary techniques, is founded on the principles of still photography; primarily using digital SLR cameras and prime photographic lenses to allow us to work unobtrusively and make use of natural light wherever possible. Please feel free to visit our website at www.yorkplacefilms.co.uk
Recent Tweets @yorkplacefilms

Time for our latest wedding video trailer which features the amazing James & Jo! This was a brilliant wedding to capture, especially as it featured a very cool mode of transportation… Enjoy!

I absolutely can’t wait for Game of Thrones tonight, it’s going to be good!

Emerging from the darkness.

The bear, Paddington, being beautiful.

It was great to film our first wedding of the year yesterday, such an awesome couple and friendly guests!

Here’s a video of a Moon Saturn Occultation by Colin Legg… just amazing!

Always nice to see a rainbow in the morning!

My favourite puppet from Orpheus the Mariner! An absolute beast.

Here’s a trailer we made for the last night of Orpheus the Mariner, starting at 5 tonight in Scarborough as part of coastival. Why not go and check it out, it’s going to be awesome!

Coming across this picture made my week! One of my favourite comedies and games combined!